Monday, October 4, 2010

* Mr. Lord Ain't My Lord

Crumpets with my teapot, please.

The Dean of Yale Divinity School, Harold Attridge, has criticized a blog article in The New Spectator by Jeffrey Lord, entitled, “Coons: I Will Bring Yale Divinity School Values to Senate”.

Mr. Coons, running against the Delaware surprise candidate Christine O’Donnell, who has recently been crucified by the press for remarks she made about witchcraft as a youth, has made a fatal political mistake, which shouts from his own quotation “I Will Bring Yale Divinity School Values to Senate”. He has failed to understand that Yale “anything” (Divinity, Medical, Drama School, you name it) is perceived by the public as elitist:

He's simply added more boiling water to the already screaching national egalitarian teapot.

Mr. Lord, on the other hand, (and he’ ain’t MY LORD) has made a fatal intellectual mistake in his saucy satire of Yale Divinity School which eviscerates the values of its courses, books and professors, and lays their leftist (“marxist”) entrails on the mortuary table for all to revile:

Mr. Lord assumes that Yale Divinity School is ashamed of its “leftist” heritage and will be embarrassed by his (Lord’s) satire. Note: Wasn't there a Palestinian Carpeneter 2000 years ago who advocated sharing all one's possessions with the poor?  Sounds like the orginal "leftist" to me.

Just to prove him wrong (and to celebrate that lefty-ist of all left ideals, FREEDOM OF SPEECH), Dean Attridge publishes the link to Lord’s article in his own statement criticizing its shallowness (see link below).

Yale Divinity School isn't ashamed of its heritage----nor should it be.

Paul D. Keane
M. Div. '80
M.A., M.Ed.

Here are some quotes from the Lord article:
Coons: I Will Bring Yale Divinity School Values to Senate

By Jeffrey Lord on 9.27.10 @ 6:09AM

Serving in the United States Senate would be a "great way for me to apply the principles and values that were honed at YDS." --Delaware Democrat and U.S. Senate nominee Chris Coons, to the Yale Divinity School Notes from the Quad, September, 2010

. . . Coons, reported his YDS interviewer, "animatedly" vowed he was determined to bring the values he learned at YDS to Washington as a Delaware Senator. Those values -- formed by a school teaching Witchcraft as multiculturalism, Queer Worship, feminist theology, liberation theology and recognizing a Catholic nun as an ethicist because she openly opposes Catholic doctrine while accepting the offices and honors of her church -- would be considered little short of bizarre by millions of Americans were they aware of them. Tellingly, like many liberals who live out the famous quote from the late liberal New Yorker film reviewer Pauline Kael (who is said by the New York Times to have remarked after Nixon's 49-state victory over George McGovern that she couldn't understand this because "I only know one person who voted for Nixon"), Coons is clueless, adrift in the liberal bubble. . .

And Christine O'Donnell is not in the mainstream? How utterly laughable. Among other lessons in looking at the values Coons promotes is the realization that liberals who study in glass covens shouldn't throw broomsticks . . .

The values taught at Yale Divinity School. Values exemplified by the exotic, overripe teachings, readings, preachings, and writings of socialists, Marxists, and camp followers of Liberation Theology who believe in one variation or another that capitalism is immoral, a sin. This includes the one-time Dean Thomas Ogletree and his late writing partner the American Communist Party's Herbert Aptheker, the assigned writings of Liberation Theology's James Cone, Ronald Sider the anti-capitalist Evangelical leftist, and the Brazilian socialist Paulo Freire. Their philosophy, it is now abundantly clear, is at the core of the values taught by the Yale Divinity School that Coons so admires.

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