Tuesday, February 23, 2010

* Huffington for President

Huffs and Puffs from Oxbridge

It may be the Oxbridge background, but on every round-table discusssion and every panel I've seen her participate in over the last year, Arianna Huffington has dominated the discussion with her command of political history and the history of ideas.

My proposing her for President is a doomed idea, just as nominating Adlai Stevenson for President was doomed in the 1950's: Americans equate intellectualism with elitism, and therefore reject the intellectual as anti-egalitarian.

Ms. Huffington's accent plays into a latent xenophobia which fuels that anti-intellectualism, a kind of jingoistic populism which beats its drums to the tune of "small government", "lower taxes", "balanced budget" and other pea-pickin banjo tunes these days.

Nonetheless, one should take note of a significant intellect operating on the national scene----and listen carefully to its tune.

Huffington talks future of journalism
By BJ White
Contributing Reporter
The Yale Daily News
Published Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Though the 59-year-old Arianna Huffington carries a Blackberry and Tweets like any child of the information age would, she said she remains an avid reader of the morning newspaper.
“The need to go through the newspaper at breakfast time is part of our DNA,” Huffington told a small crowd at the Law School today. “I subscribe to seven newspapers.”
After being introduced by Yale Law School Dean Robert Post, Huffington — an author, commentator and co-founder of the popular news and blogging Web site The Huffington Post — gave a speech in the Law School auditorium Monday on the...

#1 By Hail to the Chief 10:07a.m. on February 23, 2010

In all of her public appearances on television over the last year Ms. Huffington has proven herself a thinker and speaker worthy of being President.

M.Div. '80

#2 By Yale 08 1:54p.m. on February 23, 2010

HuffPo = web's most overrated site.

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