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* Strangling Speech Selectively at Yale, 2009

YaleSpeak Then and Now

THE REGION (New England)

Escapee Gives Up

Published: February 28, 1984
A convicted prostitute, believed to be suffering from AIDS, surrendered to a public defender here today, six days after she escaped from a drug treatment program.

The woman, Carlotta XXXXXXXX, 29 years old, was ordered held in $25,000 bond. She was arraigned in Superior Court in New Haven on charges of failing to appear in court, disorderly conduct, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of narcotics.

Yale rebuked by
Foundation for Individual Rights
in Education (FIRE)
December, 2009

Adam Kissel (Harvard '94)
Director, Individual Rights Defense Program of
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education
has sent Yale President Richard Levin a "rebuke" according to a Yale Daily News article for allowing Dean Mary Miller to bully Yale freshmen council into withdrawing a T-shirt it had designed with a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald's This Side of Paradise: "I think of all Harvard men as sissies."

Well I don't know what Fitzgerald and Yale freshmen would think, but I think of all Yale administrators and faculty not as sissies but as Bullies.

It's Bully for Yale and to hell with the rest of the world-----starting at about Elm and Howe Street where the drug and prostitute section of New Haven begins, one block from the Yale Co-op and half a block from Payne Whitney Gym.

I know, I used to live there when I went to Yale Divinity School and I ate breakfast in Patricia's Restaurant almost every morning.

It was in that neighborhood that I discovered in 1983 the first woman known in America to have transmitted AIDS (to her own infant, in the womb), a prostitute and heroin addict, facts which Yale medical and academic faculty criticized me for revealing on "60 Minutes" at a time when heterosexual transmission of AIDS was unknown in America. (What was I to do? Let people DIE for my politically correct silence?)

No faculty member or administrator lifted a finger to help alert people that AIDS could be transmitted heterosexually. (Recall, AIDS was taboo at this time, more taboo than homosexuality ever was. Many claimed it was God's punishment for homosexuality.) No one dared touch this heterosexual hot potato with a ten foot pole.

With one courageous exception: The Chaplain, John Vannorsdall.

In fact, Woodbridge Hall (I was an alumnus by then) made the President's legal counsel available to me not to save human lives, but, only to keep me from embarrassing Yale by blundering into illegality.

President Giamatti did send me a one sentence note of thanks, but uncomplainingly allowed me to pay out of my own pocket for 5000 A.I.D.S.(AIDS Information Dissemination Service) pamphlets which were distributed to Yale students through Yale Station, warning students of explicit sexual acts which could transmit AIDS.

Pretty controversial (taboo even) for its day, 1984, before the now omni-present Viagra Generation was even conceived (pun intended).

As for Yale's neighbors a block away? Did Yale use its massive free-speech machinery to warn them of the mortal dangers?

Let them eat cake--or heroin.

It's only prostitutes and drug addicts. They won't affect our precious Ivy League clientele.

They live on the wrong side of the tracks anyway.

That was 25 years ago, and the tracks are getting even closer to Bully Old Blue today with the building of two new colleges in a location which makes Yale and the ghetto virtually contiguous.

Imagine the wall which will be erected. Will it be electrified? Or maybe buried? A human variation of Invisible Fence?

All Yale students and employees can wear collars (bulldog collars) which will permit them to pass through, bar coded to their ID's.

This minimal benchmark will ensure transparency and accountability in case the collars are lost or sold. (I'm in Obama-buzz-word heaven! Have you been lulled into complacency or boredom yet?)

Better still, Yale Health Services can implant bar coded devices under the skin, making loss or sale impossible. They can even charge a monthly rental fee (great way to raise revenue) and de-activate those collars( from an automated computer system) whose owners are in arrears. Marvelous idea.

But back to the present (2009/10) and the 'sissies' T-shirt.

By Dean Miller's standards, an infamous T-shirt which appeared after the Kent State shootings should also be banished from academia (in fact, it was---but what would you expect of a mid-western cow college?).

That T-shirt had a large bull's-eye on its chest with the words "Kent State student" under it. It can't even be found on Google Images today or e-Bay.

Freedom of speech was deadly at Kent State in 1970; but it may be dead or in danger of dying at Yale in 2010.

And the killers?

(Not National Guardsmen)

Political Correctness Officers.



See October 2nd post this blog; "25th Anniversary of Heterosexual Transmisssion of AIDS Uncovered at Yale"

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The Miami Herald - Feb 28, 1984

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