Monday, April 22, 2013

* Motherhood

"Mama, I love you."  
Tamerlan Tsarnaev

Let us assume that the Tsarnaevs' mother is the exception in her patriarch-ally structured world, and was a highly educated female.

Even so, one would expect motherhood to trump all, and despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, "framed" and "innocent" would be understandably natural words for her to use in defending her sons, accused of the Boston Marathon bombings.

The unbelievable idea, reported in this video, that the older brother called his mother in the middle of  the Thursday night  gun battle with police moments before he died, makes this scenario of motherhood trumping reality more of a stretch which requires a completely conspiratorial view of the world to sustain.

What role did the mother/son relationship play in all this, especially since there is the suggestion of  rigid religious convictions?

That is yet to be known.

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