Tuesday, April 16, 2013

* . . . And A Head Exploding With Undyed Hair

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PK on retirement day, outside his classroom,  age 67

Killing Chivalry Once and For All

theantiyale  7 hours ago
'[All I want is] Some guy to ask me out on a date to the frozen–yogurt place,’ she said. That’s it. A $3 date.”
I’m 21 now; to be honest, I’d prefer to be taken out for a drink. But I — along with most of the women I spend time with, and many men here too — am farther from getting asked out on that drink than I was four years ago, when it wouldn’t have even been legal.
I tried to read beyond these quotes and became more and more exasperated
Seriously women: you are still BUYING into the already dead and vestigial artifacts of a Chivalry you have systematically murdered over the last few decades.
This infuriates me. WHY does a guy have to ask a girl out. WHY can't a girl ask a guy out?
I'm being serious here: It has always irritated me that I was expected to give a woman a diamond ring. Why doesn't the WOMAN give ME a diamond ring. I'm a great catch----even at this ripe old age (no alimony, no dependents, non-abusive, fairly bright and a head exploding with undyed hair.).
Kill Chivalry once and for all and build the new world you want.
Or---do you want a new world at all? Be honest.

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