Friday, April 12, 2013

* Bulldogs Without Boundaries

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·                              theantiyale
"And we work hard to push back against this narrative that it’s our fault — even as we take self-defense classes, watch our drinks and stick with our friends late at night"

I would be ashamed to raise a daughter in such a frightening world.
Courting was still a word when I was young. Dating replaced it. Katherine Hepburn could still sting a man's cheek and ego with her well placed slap.
Now there is a hook-up culture which is a euphemism for coitus-at-first-sight.
Once upon a time one had to win the favor of another's attention. Now one wins the favor of plundering another's body and hopes not to be further troubled by their attention after the mutual theft.
People don't socialize with alcohol, they drink to get drunk. No one even uses a word like "tipsy' anymore. There are no gradations, simply A and Z with nothing in between.
We are not doctors without borders, we are beings without boundaries; There are no gentlemen and no ladies. There aren't even genders.
So we take back the night instead of go out on the town.
We 'go to court' instead of court.
I worry for your generation.

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