Sunday, October 21, 2012

* ROTC at Yale: Resist Our Tribal Compulsions: THE MILITARY OEDIPAL COMPLEX

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O’CONNELL: Creating safe spaces





theantiyale 4 minutes ago

"Procreation is the driving force in survival of a species. This LGBTQ society needs to accept THAT and move on."
Procreation is irrelevant if we have blown up the world.
Eisenhower warned us to be wary of the "military industrial complex."
I suggest we be wary of its psychological underpinnings: the military oedipal complex.
Every generation of sons seeks to outstrip the generation of fathers.
Unfortunately that means UNIFORMS, WEAPONS, and WAR.






Paul D. Keane,

M.Div. '80, M.A., M.Ed

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