Wednesday, October 17, 2012

*Cooking Our Sperm: The Autism Conundrum

Let's Cool It !

There has been a 78% increase in Autism over the last decade.  Many have attempted to blame vaccinations for the cause of this increase, or chemicals in the environment.

When I look at the situation, I ask what has changed dramatically in the mating rituals of American males and females in the past few decades which might account for this  increase?

It seems to me the answer is to be found in the male. 

Male underwear companies have been selling designer underwear which performs more like an athletic supporter and a microwave oven than a pair of undergarments.

It holds the sperm making equipment  so close to the body that men may  literally be cooking their sperm in an effort to be fashionable

How can this temperature increase be anything but deleterious to the production of a healthy zygote?

In our rush to  be fashionable we may actually find we are being mutable, in the least attractive sense of that word: We are mutating the healthy sperm into something other than what Nature intended it to be.

In the words of a phrase from the 1970's, maybe we ought to cool it.

Let's try a decade of style-free loose fitting male undergarments and see if the autism rate goes down.

What have we got to lose  except the value of Calvin Klein stock?

It would be  a lot less risky than a decade without vaccinations.

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