Saturday, February 25, 2012

* Triumphalism Sucks at Yale and Everywhere Else

 Mistakin' Aiken

theantiyale 20 hours, 7 minutes ago

It is TRIUMPHALISM which is so repugnant in sports. And in the militia and Christianity and Hollywood and Wall Street for that matter; Victory Victory, Victory ---- at all costs.

 Colleges and universities should do to the intercollegiate athletic associations what Kissinger told Nixon to do in Viet Nam: 

Declare 'victory' and withdraw. 

We don't need to be cultivating a world of Paternos and Sanduskys. 

M. Div. '80, blah blah

dsk100 17 hours, 14 minutes ago

It wasn't Kissinger who suggested that (hardly), but Sen. George Aiken from Vermont.

theantiyale 12 hours, 57 minutes ago

Another reason for me to be a proud Vermonter! This place is an iconoclast's paradise !
Thanks for the correction.
Blah blah '80, etc.


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