Tuesday, February 21, 2012

* The Case Against Anonymity at Yale


theantiyale 2 hours, 59 minutes ago

I have been making the case against anonymity on the YDN posting board for the last three for years.
The anonymous hate speech against Raymond Clark III led inexorably to the irresponsible reporting based on anonymous sources which tarnished the reputation of Mr. Witt three weeks ago. I was so disillusioned I refused to even look at the YDN for two weeks.
As for Arafat, he lives up to his namesake: A chatterbox bore with one and only one topic of conversation.
The quote you cite of RexMottram08 doesn't seem like hate speech as much as hyperbole. And why is it any less irresponsible for you to associate Mr. Mottram08's hyperbole with the overused whipping-boy of anti-semitism than for him to associate Islam with world domination?
World domination isn't an original idea. Islam stole it from Christianity, as have the Latter Day Saints.
Religions are insatiable appetites.
Gosh and golly. Is that news?
Paul D. Keane
M. Div. '80, etc.

lakia 52 minutes ago

Is there something one could write that might convince you to never read or post at YDN again?

theantiyale 0 minutes ago

I"ll save you the trouble and write my obituary myself:
Little Known Vermonter Dies
Paul Keane, a native of Mt. Carmel, Connecticut, has died at an unadmitted age.
He was an English teacher in Vermont for the past 25 years. He graduated from four colleges and universities and from Hamden (Connecticut) High School.
In 1978 he co-founded, with author Peter Davies, The Kent State Collection at Sterling Memorial Library's Manuscripts and Archives Division at Yale University.
From 1976-1985 he spearheaded restoration of Thornton Wilder's desk, memorabilia, and creation of his portrait in Hamden, Connecticut's Miller Library.
For the last three years he has been a bête-noire of the Yale Daily News posting board, writing under the title “theantiyale” (as in the anti-pope).
One or two of his contributions were quotable.
No services are planned.
No survivors admit to being related to him.
He will be buried soon, and promptly forgotten.

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