Thursday, February 2, 2012

* Witt's End at Yale: Pseudonymity, Anonymity, and Politically Correct Hysteria

The Keyboarder 

is Mightier than

 the Media

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Pat on his Back

Patrick Witt '12, Former Yale Quarterback, Former Rhodes Scholarship Nominee

Yale Daily News' pseudonymous Posting Board is a hall of mirrors surrounding an echo chamber,  recorded by digital devices.

Yale12   February 2, 2012

4 hours, 1 minute ago

The fact that you call the anonymity of a rape victim cowardice is unbelievable to me. Are you really that blinded by your own blithering agenda?
What about a member of a tyrannical regime who wants to speak out but who will be killed if his name is given? Is that person being cowardly, too? What about a witness to a terrible crime who tells his story but withholds his name for fear of retribution? Is that cowardly?
Or is it cowardly for a man on a comment board to attack an 18-year-old rape victim because she chose not to give her name?

theantiyale  February 2, 2012

32 minutes ago

As far as I know, there a very few on the comment board who could qualify as a "man" (or "woman").

It is all anonymity cloaked in pseudonymity.

There is no "18 year old girl".

There is only "anonymous."

The editors say: "Trust us. We know the person."

That is not journalism.

It is high-fallutin gossip---whether emanating from the NYT or the YDN.

If you want to live in a world of hearsay, go ahead.

I refuse to do so.

And I refuse to be silent when such behavior smears those presumed to be innocent until proven guilty.

This is still America, after all, despite the politically correct hysteria at Yale.

This posting world your generation has created is an echo chamber, inside a room of mirrors, recorded on digital cameras.

I refuse to be manipulated by your technological house of cards, or intimidated by your insults.

My empathy is reserved for real persons, with real names, in a real world.

Paul D. Keane

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(YDN article)

   Feb. 3, 2012  26 minutes ago

"If it weren't for anonymous sources, Richard Nixon would have served the length of his presidency without detection."
The Pentagon Papers? The White House tapes?
Specific persons, places, dates, times, events, conversations.
The leakers may have been anonymous, but not their evidence.
What you have at Yale and NYT is vague character assassination. No names (other than Mr. Witt), no times, no places, no events, no conversation.
Absolutely nothing to confirm or refute.
Just vague generalities: "sexual assault," "pressuring."
Scandalous irresponsibility.
Paul D. Keane

River_Tam 3 minutes ago

The leakers may have been anonymous, but not their evidence.
Boom. And Paul D Keane drives it home for the win

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