Monday, September 5, 2011

* Snap that baby's neck, why don't you!

Next to leg.
Trying to avoid hitting leg.


Yesterday I was stuck at traffic light in Hanover on the edge of the Dartmouth campus.  A large man in his early thirties, carrying a baby in  a plastic carrier, started to walk across the street with his female companion at his side, talking spontaneously and ignoring the baby.

As he strode across the main street, the baby carrier, which was obviously heavy and awkward, was positioned to the side of his right knee.  As he walked, the back of the carrier was hit by his moving calf. With each step he took, the poor little baby's neck was jerking sideways, back and forth.

I felt like opening my window and screaming, "Your baby's neck is snapping back and forth."

I didn't.

This post is my catharsis.

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