Monday, September 5, 2011

* The Emperor's New Data

 Pulling back the Curtain on the Sham Deity, DATA

theantiyale 3 minutes ago

But we take hope and encouragement in a group of gutsy freshman counselors, who pushed back when told by the administration to run problematic “consent and communication workshops.” It was inappropriate to ask the FroCos to overload their freshmen with legalese — not to mention broadly negative, forbidding generalizations. We are glad that the counselors preserved their independent role as student advocates.
That was gutsy. Bravo! Brava!
And it took moral courage to rail against the quicksand of manipulative vagueness George Orwell warned us about in his essay, "Politics and the English Language" To wit: A scripted phrase like “the causal problem is coercion and violence, not vulnerability”
All around us every day language is being used to kneed us until we can be shaped into cookie cutter-designs suitable to the needs of the universal cultural deity DATA.
Even the Quaker honorific "friend" has become a status symbol of conspicuous consumption:
How many have YOU got on your FACADEBOOK page?
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