Wednesday, September 28, 2011

* Create a Designated Dueña at Yale

(link to YDN article)

Designated Dueña

theantiyale 1 day, 2 hours ago

The presumption of "drunk" as normal here is irritating. The only time drunk was ever an excuse for beating your wife was when the judge was a male judge. I hardly think it is an excuse for ANYTHING in this gender neutral, feminist-friendly world.


theantiyale 1 day ago

So do Drunk Daters need a Designated Duena to tell them they are too drunk to have sex?

wenzel 19 hours, 32 minutes ago

If I starve a tiger that lives in my locked bedroom for 6 days, and then enter the bedroom covered in bacon perfume and blackout drunk, am I responsible for getting mauled and eaten? What if it's a tigeress and I'm a man? A tiger and I'm a woman? What if the bacon perfume had been on sale?
These comments have some of the worst metaphors I've ever seen outside of William McGonagall's poetry.
Paul Keane's comments are as right-on as usual. TheAntiYale rightly points out that the real issue here isn't rape, but about alcoholism. We can only thank him for his continued contributions to our discussions here.

theantiyale 3 hours, 9 minutes ago

Am so accustomed to criticism I don't know how to respond, except to say: thank you.

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