Thursday, June 30, 2011

* War as Shopping

I receive emails from something I would usually boycott: The Imperial War Museum (link above). I joined their list because they maintain the Churchill War Rooms (underground bunkers from which he conducted the War when London was being bombed),  and  because when I was 16 years old (50 years ago) I had managed to wangle my way into Sir Winston Churchill's entourage and  obtained one of his hand-made Cuban cigars (you can read the story in my original 16-year-old prose --lumps and all -- at I n other words, I joined for nostalgic not philosophic reasons.

What prompts my post today is the Imperial War Museum's latest solicitation which has among other things a rotating slide show featuring "shopping" opportunities in the Museum's store, even opportunities for children to purchase toys!

Need I say more?

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