Saturday, June 11, 2011

* A Family Full of Famous Physiognomies

Walter Cronkite after retirement.

My father and mother, 50th Anniversary 

Walter Cronkite as a young reporter.

My father on his wedding day, during the Depression.  He was so poor he had to borrow this suit for the occasion, like Wilson in The Great Gatsby.

My family didn't have a plug nickle most of their lives, but boy did they have faces.

My father (1913-1992) looked like Walter Cronkite, both as a young man and an old man. As a labor relations expert, he was often in airports catching a plane until he retired at 70. When he was in his sixties, a man approached him in the airport and asked him if he was Walter Cronkite.

This confirmed my lifelong hunch that my father resembled the guy I took the news from on television every night, a hunch I never expressed outside of my family until that occasion.

My maternal Grandmother  (1891-1981) bore a striking resemblance to  Congresswoman Clare Booth Luce and Lady Clementine Churchill.

My Grandmother in her Rebekah gown.  She worked as a receptionist for a dozen doctors in the Professional Building (site of the current Shubert Theater) until she was 70. She never owned  or drove a car. She lived a block from Yale in a third floor walk-up with no hot water.

And my mother (1911-1985)  looked like Katherine Hepburn , both young and old.

My mother was so poor when this photo was taken (circa 1930) that she had no suitable dress to wear and had to settle for the photographer's drape over her shoulders.

And me?

 I look like nobody in particular.

In Connecticut Governor's Footguard uniform I inherited 50 years ago and now don every Halloween.

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