Saturday, June 11, 2011

* Forty Years of Projects and Pamphleteering

A recent exchange on the Yale Daily News' posting board got me to reflecting on my four-decade history of creating projects and pamphleteering for their benefit.  Here is a chronological list I came up with:

(Note: I created the NAABP, irate after I was turned down for a teaching job in Auburn, New York.  The rejection letter said, and I quote, "Your BEARD [my emphasis] would create a community problem."
 This is a supremely ironic bit of cultural myopia, since Auburn touts itself as "The home of William H. Seward' Secretary of State to the most famous beard in American history: Abraham Lincoln.)

•           NAABP (National Association for the Advancement of Bearded People) 1968, Ithaca, NY

•           Teach-In on Racism, 1969, Ithaca, New York

•           Kent State Petition for a Federal Grand Jury, 1971-73, Kent State University and the White House

•           Pop’s Snow Squad 1971-73, Kent, Ohio  (Charles Kuralt "On the Road" , CBS Evening News, 12/ 25/ 72)

•           Douglas Clyde Macintosh Centennial at Yale, 1977

•           Holy Smoke: Opinionation from Holy Hill, Yale Divinity School, 1976-83 

•           Thornton Wilder Memorabilia Acquisition, Mayor’s Bicentennial Commission,1976-85, Hamden, CT

•           AIDS Information Dissemination Service (A.I.D.S.) 1981

•           First Documented Heterosexual Transmission of AIDS uncovered at Yale-New Haven Hospital ( 60 Minutes, 1984)

•           The Anti-Yale (and 50 other blogs) 2009 - present

Artist Clarence A. Brodeur and I unveil Brodeur's portrait of Douglas Clyde Macintosh at Yale Divinity School (1979) depicting Macintosh's famous Supreme Court case for "selective conscientious objection" United States v. Macintosh, 1931

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