Saturday, August 17, 2013

* The Mess in Messiah


"Bertram Cates" is the name given to John 
Scopes in the 1961 movie  "Inherit the Wind" 
about the Scopes Trial (aka The Monkey Trial). 

You Couldn't Write a Script 
this Comical 
if  You Tried

Tennessee, which forever humiliated itself by subjecting a public school teacher to a judicial trial (The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes, 1925) for daring to teach "evolution" in his classroom, has done it again: 

  • A judge there has ruled that a family cannot name its baby son "Messiah" (see link above).

Well, I suggest that Tennessee "Butt Out" of the business of being a busybody:  In fact, maybe that family should rename their son "Tennessee Butt Out of Busybodying" or 'Tennessee Bob', for short. (No, that would read 'Tennessee Boob' not 'Bob.')

Maybe he'll grow up to be a great playwright, the one thing the word 'Tennessee' means to most literate Americans.

Perhaps he'll write a play about the history of the Tennessee judicial system: The Ass Menagerie.

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