Tuesday, August 6, 2013

* The Infinite Dilution of Time

I was once told that in any room anywhere on the planet, there can be found an atom from the last breath which Julius Caesar breathed in 44 BC.

That's because atoms disperse infinitely.

Not much comfort as a form of immortality as the poet John D. Ogden  sees it in his poem  Moonlight.


"Moonlight in Vigevano," I said, "Do you remember?"

But you remember nothing. My words are lost
Within your silence.
And there is no return of sound or sight.
Nothing to warm the heart against the growing cold
Of the on-coming night.

You remember nothing. Not your love nor mine.

Nor coins in the fountain. But the soul
Like a light blown out
Leaves for a moment the image of its light
Which walking carefully on the darkening road,
I try to shield against the wind of time.

John. D. Ogden

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