Monday, May 13, 2013

* An Offer to Yale University's Manuscripts and Archives Division of Sterling Memorial Library

Sterling Memorial Library, Yale University

Christine Weideman, Head, Manuscripts and Archives,
Sterling Memorial Library
Yale University

Lawrence Dowler,  Archivist Emeritus
Harvard University

Dear Christine and Larry,

I have a collection of papers belonging to Yale University matriculant J. Walter Bassett of Mount Carmel, one of the founders of the Sleeping Giant Association, which saved Sleeping Giant from development.

I offered them to Quinnipiac University Archives a couple of years ago and they declined them, referring me instead to the Miller Memorial Library in Hamden, which I know something about since I obtained the Thornton Wilder study furniture for them while on the Mayor’s Bicentennial Commission from 1975-1985.

They are not a research institution.

I want these papers in a research institution.

Since my papers are in the Kent State Collection  at Yale which Christine oversees and which you, Larry, helped me create when you had Christine’s position before your move to Harvard, I wonder if they might find a home in my collection at Yale?

You can view the work I have been doing on them at these two links



Paul D. Keane,
M.A., M.Div., M.Ed.

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