Sunday, December 25, 2011

"He Sits at Home" is my Vermont Identity, not my Name !

Driving the T-Top Z-28

He DOES Sit at Home !

After the Twin Towers' crashes and Sully Sullenberger's miraculous water-ski episode on the Hudson River with a Boeing-747, I decided  never to get on a plane again.  Besides, the extra- fees for baggage and incidentals are extortion.

I am happy to sit at home as my Native American name declares.

 (BTW, my great-great-great grandmother was a Pequot squaw, if that legitimizes my using a Native American name.) 

I'm one of the few surviving  members of the hippie generation who can say he hitchhiked across country ------- 1971 to be exact -------- from Connecticut to California, and back.

Yes, more than  happy to sit at home.  And that goes for driving too.

 I have a brand new car, and zero desire to drive it any more than just around town.  For ten years I commuted  two weekends a month  between White River Junction and  New Haven and White River Junction and Ithaca.  I've paid the salaries of a few oil executives and I'm done with it.

 (Probably my total lifetime gas expenditures would pay half of  ONE HOUR of an oil company  CEO's pay, if that much.)

Is it because I'm old that I've given up being peripatetic? 


It's because I'm stingy.

I'm not exactly sedentary: I push a lawnmower 6 hours a week and shovel snow 2 hours at a time.


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