Sunday, December 25, 2011

* I'm Old and I'm Proud !

Heading White


Don't gimme any of this "You're as old as you feel" stuff. 

 I feel  great, still work 10 hours a day, have my hair and most of my teeth and a gargantuan appetite, but in three days I'll turn 67----and that just seems OLD to me, a lot older than 66 for some reason.

I love the side shots of Judge Judy's botox-enamel face on TV . When she moves her mouth all the folds in that wrinkle-free face suddenly aggegate between her ear and her jaw, like a hand-opened curtain at the Met.

I once read that Marlene Dietrich refused to have plastic surgery.  Instead, before she appeared on stage in her late 60's, she would have her hair tied back in excruciatingly tight knots to pull the facial wrinkles smooth, then don her famous golden wig and skin tight, elastic, sequinned gown.

And then there's Donald Trump's hair.  What can I say? It's as neat as folded , hundred-dollar bills. And butterscotch too.


 I'm satisfied with the wrinkles and with the graying hair. 

 I just wish it would hurry up.  

This has been a ten-year process. (I used to have chestnut hair with red highlights.)  First my beard grayed, then my hair.  

I once tried Just for Men on my beard and wound up with a facial rash----to say nothing of looking like a foolish vain man who died (pun intended)  his beard. 

Let's speed this up.

I'm looking forward to the white.


Christmas, 2011 



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