Saturday, October 15, 2011

* Subtract One : SIX Deadly Sins, not Seven.

The Power of Avarice

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the richest country in the world faces such a high level of inequality 

Respectfully, Mr. Diez,
How do you think we got to be "the richest" country in the world? SLAVERY, ROBBER BARONS, GENOCIDAL REDSKIN EVICTORS, CHILD LABOR EXPLOITERS.
Look, I'm not a conservative. I haven't voted Republican since Nixon winked at the Kent State murders in 1970 (unfortunately, to my eternal shame, I had voted for the "Dick" in 1968).
So this is not coming from the mouth of a Republican. "Equality" is a nice goal, but it doesn't fuel the engine of our economy: GREED.
Or country is based on neutering one of the Seven Deadly Sins----perhaps even validating it as "initiative" or "the capitalist imperative."


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