Sunday, February 20, 2011

* BCE and CE

BCE (Before Cosby Era)
CE ( Cosby Era )

"we must be careful not to minimize the ongoing suffering of other minority groups though presenting the African American struggle as uniquely more important."
Their struggle is not "uniquely more important" it is uniquely more dangerous and psychologically debilitating.
NO OTHER ETHNIC GROUP WALKS INTO A ROOM AND IS IMMEDIATELY IDENTIFIABLE BECAUSE OF A PHYSICAL ATTRIBUTE WHICH CANNOT BE HIDDEN: There's an Irish person; a Jewish person, a Native American, an Iranian. Imagine what that "immediately identifiable" phenomenon does after a few hundred thousand enterings, especially when that identifiability provokes hatred and potential violence.
In American race relations there are two epochs: BCE (Before Cosby Era) and CE (Cosby Era).
Those who grew up BCE view the "struggle" as real. Those born CE tend to view the "struggle" as 'history" in the pejorative sense.

"But I'm sure that you were taught to do that when -you- were wrong. Unless you've owned a slave, or voted for a political party that promoted the re-establishment of slavery, you've nothing to apologise for."
You know---I'm glad I was born white, and a male. I got all the advantages of a society that rewards those qualities with the profits made from exploiting blacks and females.
Of course I've got nothing to apologize for.
Pass the cigars.

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