Monday, January 10, 2011

* e-Face


It is not that political discourse is any more coarse than it has ever been.  It is that our daily digital dramas drum that discourse in every ear, just as facebook friends it on every eye.

The possibility for the lonely outsider to view himself (or herself) as a hero is within the reach of every mouse and keyboard, every touch-screen,  in America. 

MyFace masquerades as MySpace.


Self-made and self-magnified digital egotism is engulfing our world.

Recognizing that there is only one letter difference between the word facebook and the word fecebook (and that letter is "e," the magical icon of our electronic age), does little to diminish the e-gotistical narcissism of the social-network tsunami which threatens to e-ngulf us all, now that it has seduced Wall Street into a fifty BILLION dollar binge. 

(About 2.5 Billion photos are uploaded to Facebook every month. Which equals about 964 pictures a second.)

If  John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald,  James Earl Ray,  Sirhan Sirhan or Mark David Chapman had had a facebook page, or a blog, would their megalomania have been sopped up by the therapeutic outlet of such a digital sponge?

Or, as in the case of U. S. Representative Gabrielle Gifford's alleged attempted - assassin, would  MySpace and facebook have simply provided  them with the illusion of electronic immortality, as they slipped into their suicidal, self-absorbed scenarios?

The world cries out for a Self-Effacebook, for a YourSpace.

Humbleness gasps for breath.

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