Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WAKILEAKS' Julian Massage Uncovers China's Tweet

Tug that plant!  Make it Grow!

Julian Massage, founder of WAKILEAKS,  has published an  intercepted Twitter message from China's Minister of Educational Reform to China's President Hu Jintao, (who is visiting President Obama at the White House this very day).  

After analyzing the three-part intercepted Tweet,  the Bill and Melinda Gradgrind Foundation has concluded  that China has renounced the ancient Confucian ideal of the Golden Mean.

In the spirit of WAKILEAKS' commitment to free expression, the Bill and Melinda Gradgrind Foundation  publishes the memo here. It is divided into three Tweets (Standard Italic Standard)


"farmer from sung should tug at rice plants.  should pull  up by roots every semester and measure  

progress and compare  agnst stdnts  frm all nations . must remain  #1  not want to fall 15 or 19  like u.s

 tug-test-compare must b nu credo 4/ 21cent"

The uncovering of this three-tier Tweet only increases the determination of the Bill and Melinda Gradgrind Foundation to "grind, grind, grind teachers, students and administrators, into
standardized perfection."

And how do we fulfill that mission?

It is absolutely clear from this Tweet:  


The Farmer from Sung

You must work at [rightness] and never let it out of your mind. At the same time, while you must never let it out of your mind, you must not forcibly help it grow either. You must not be like the man from Sung. There was a man from Sung who pulled at his rice plants because he was worried about their failure to grow. Having done so, he went on his way home, not realizing what he had done. "I am worn out today," said he to his family. "I have been helping the rice plants to grow." His son rushed out to take a look and there the plants were, all shrivelled up. There are few in the world who can resist the urge to help their rice plants grow. There are some who leave the plants unattended, thinking that nothing they can do will be of any use. They are the people who do not even bother to weed. There are others who help the plants grow. They are the people who pull at them. Not only do they fail to help them but they do the plants positive harm.[xlv

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