Saturday, November 13, 2010

* Inspiration vs. Information: C.P. Snow Spinning in his Grave

Hillhouse High School
Hamden High School

Is Teaching an Art or a Science?

This entire posting series  (Yale Daily News articles and posts below) is really a debate about CP Snow's Two Cultures. At the moment, Science is in the ascendancy, and the Gradgrinds (Dickens's Hard Times) and their Utililitarian unctuosuness* have entranced the public.

After the Gates-Rhee-Kline-Christie Quartet passes from the scene, and we are left with a nation of soulless children clacking their boots in unison to the zeig heil of Princeton's Standardized pontifications, we may yearn for the gleeful chaos of joyful childhoods, sculpted by the artists we used to call teachers.

Rest in Discomfort, Lord Snow.

 *Jeremy Bentham, King of the Utilitarians and the model for Dickens's educational tyrant, Thomas Gradgrind, in Hard Times, had himself stuffed after his death. His mummy is wheeled out in a chair at the annual Board Meeting of the British  Museum and the secretary records "Mr. Bentham is present." 

A Fitting Fate for a Gradgrind

Univ. examines school options for faculty families

Wilbur Cross High School
By David Burt
Staff Reporter
Yale Daily News
Thursday, November 11, 2010

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