Saturday, June 5, 2010

* "High School: The Information Delivery System"

Homogenized Hell in a Digital Cauldron of Solipsism Soup

"In ten years 50% of all high school courses will be taken on-line." This is the prediction of an observer of the current American education scene.

This would be nifty and efficient and cost-containing if it weren't for one thing that everyone knows who has attended High School: The Musical  or high school: the real thing :

High School isn't simply an "information delivery system".

It is sooooooooo much more:

A mating-ground; a meeting-ground; a meaning-ground, among other things.

I can just see it now: Five million kids in front of lap-tops, sitting at their kitchen tables assiduously absorbing the content of a national curriculum: click by click.

Standardized students studying for standardized tests to enter a standardized society , all in the capsule of their own kitchen campuses.

Homogenized hell in a digital cauldron of  solipsism soup.

Double! Double! Toil and trouble . . .

And now, the rest of the story:

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