Wednesday, June 23, 2010

* A Giant's robe upon a dwarfish President

The lean McChrystal, who was dubbed a Jedi warrior by Newsweek, prides himself on his Spartan style. He banned alcohol and Burger King from the Kabul headquarters compound and only eats one meal a day.

Maureen Dowd
"Seven Days in June"
New York Times Op-Ed
June 22, 2010

I'm all for insubordination at the highest level, not the lowest.  It opens a window on the truth----and the truth is that the civilians running this war don't know what they are doing, and ---as in Viet Nam --- young Americans are getting killed because of it. Leave it to the symbol of a 1970's drug culture Rolling Stone Magazine to lure this modern day Oedipus, General McNuggets, into his own trap of hubris, from which he can orchestrate his own destruction. (Aren't we supposed to be weaning Afghanistan off an economy based on drugs?  Rolling Stone is a 70's symbol of drugs and disobedience: Nice P.R. coup , Big Mac!)

Biden is a clown. Holbrook is an obsessive thinker (and e-mailer apparently). Obama is pusillanimous until pushed by circumstances to act.

General McNuggetts is a hero in my opinion for letting the public in on the inner workings both of the military mindlessness and the civilian mindlessness that perpetuates this war: THE TESTOSTERONE SURGE.

Men can't and won't admit a mistake----unless forced to or put in the position of gaining something greater from the admission as an act of humility than from stonewalling.

Would women be any better running a war? 

Some say that people with wombs are less likely to put the fruit of that  nine-month miracule-organ into harm's way than those without them and that therefore we should let women run wars.

 Golda Meir ?  Margaret Thatcher ? Cleopatra ? Joan of Arc ?

In the final moments of Macbeth (V, ii) , Angus says of the Butcher of Inverness,
 "Now does he [Macbeth] feel his title / Hang loose about him, like a giant's robe / Upon a dwarfish thief."

This is the perfect description of the previous President who, with the aid of the Supreme Court, did become a de facto thief, stealing the Presidency from the electorate.

Obama may not be a thief, but the robe is looking bigger and their wearer smaller every day: from the Gulf of Mexico ------ to the Graveyard of Empires.

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