Saturday, May 29, 2010

* "Greedy Merchant Armies": Marching Toward No Tweets at All

It takes a courageous African American journalist to see the illusion of white or black skin color in our politicians, and call the color what it really is: GREEN---plain old faded MONEY GREEN.

Bob Herbert's Op-Ed piece in today's New York Times entitled "An Unnatural Disaster" is directed toward "the unholy alliance" of government and "rapacious" oil corporations who he lumps under the apt heading "greedy merchant armies".

The trouble is that while Herbert's fire breathing-column may be cathartic for its frustrated readers, it will have zero effect on our government, especially now that the Supreme Court has sanctioned as legal unlimited contributions by corporations to political campaigns.

What is needed is a Facebook/Twitter revolution (or, to update Dickens, an army of digital "Jacques") to counter the greedy merchant armies. The very digital tools which China finds so threatening should be used in the United States to create NOT a Blacklist (don't hire these commies) BUT a Greenlist (don't vote for these candidates funded by planet killers), the digital equivalent of Madame Defarge's endlessly knit encyclopedic scarf (the first blog?) in A Tale of Two Cities.

Facebook and Twitter may be the saviors waiting in the wings to appear on stage as the planet plummets toward the implosion of self-pollution, or as Rachel Carson put it, plummets toward a Silent Spring :

No tweets at all.

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