Thursday, May 6, 2010

*Advanced Western Civilization

Hubristic Solipsism Masqueading as Civilization

The high school Announcements asked students who had signed up for "Advanced Western Civilization" to meet in such and such a room. What the Announcemnts should have said was that students who had signed up for the "ADVANCED SECTION of Western Civilization" should meet in such and such a room.

For a moment, I wondered to myself, "Is Western Civilization really an advanced version of civilization?"

Our food is full of toxins according to a report today issued by a panel of physicians, who say that the average American has 210 "synthetic chemicals" his/her body.

Our oceans are awash in trash and oil.

Our skies smell of gasoline as 98 thousand weekly flights in Europe are cancelled by
an angry volcano competing for the air.

Our drinking water needs to be filtered at the spigot after the government certifies that it is safe at the pipe.

Our priests molest our children.

Our politicians lust in public.

Our government fails to manage crises, from hurricanes to economic bubbles.

Our journalists fabricate and sensationalize.

Our technology turns us into exhilaration junkies.

Our education systems are debased into personnel-delivery-systems for a global economy and its mercantile guru, Bill Gates.

Our children, tethered to electronic gadgets, become inert and larded in thick robes of fat.

Our Decline?

Our Fall?

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