Monday, April 19, 2010

* Elephant 101 at Yale

YDN has NOT printed this letter

Letter to the Editor
Yale Daily News

Dear Editor:

April 19th 's article "Rethinking a Yale Education" contains this sentence:“Yale has been training leaders for centuries, Levin said, but for a Yale education to have value in a globalized world, it must include foreign perspectives and address international problems.”

How can Yale address international problems when it maintains satellite courses in a country which censors entire events in history like Tianamen Sqaure; or denies the efficacy of condoms in preventing AIDS (both a country and a religion); or (again, both countries and religions) insists that women be denied access to power (ordination; education) ?

Theocracy vs. Democracy; Tyranny vs. Democracy; Autocracy vs. Democracy are the elephants in this academic room.

There’s a bit of globalized wishful thinking going on here.

Paul Keane

M.Div. ‘80
M.A., M.Ed.

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