Saturday, April 10, 2010

* Males in their 70's : Just for Men

Robert Redford, Cary Grant and President Eisenhower in their seventies:

What's wrong with this triptych?

Redford looks like an undertaker did his make-up. The refusal to age is absurdly evident in this photo as his rooster wattles and fallen face lead
upward to a limp, fake red smattering of "windswept hair".

Cary Grant , on the other hand, looks as if he belongs to Nature not flees from it. Age is his friend, not his stalker. But is that hair his own? And is that neck cropped?

And Ike? Ike is just Ike:

No frills, no fakery, no foolishness (although I'll bet the photo editor tucked his neck in a bit).

What role models for graceful aging, other than Grecian-Formula-phoneys and Hair-Club-for-Men-mannequins, do we males have today?

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PK at 65 and pal Lucky: Real hair in a waxed pompadour, real grey (both of us), real color (both of us) real wrinkles (just me).

Cousin Paul (naturally shaggy hair and grey beard) kisses the bride!

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