Monday, September 21, 2015

The Gab Club 1930 -1999 New Haven, Connecticut and its suburbs

The Gab Club  1930-1999

My Mother co-founded a "girls club" n New Haven and environs called The Gab Club that met once a month for 55 years (69 in all after my mother's death). The same dozen girls met, served a fancy dessert on their best china and decked-out table  and gabbed for three hours on a Tuesday night every month at a different member's house.  Occasionally they added new members.  They raised their families, became grandmothers and widows  and divorcees,  shared their joys and sorrows,  and buried each other.


My parents, 50th anniversary photo
Seven years after my mother died, the "girls" insisted on putting on the reception for my father's funeral in his home.  There were only four "girls" left of the original dozen. My father had taken them out to a restaurant every New Year after my mother's death to honor their loyalty.  They returned the favor.


The parallels to this charming PBS piece "Tea Time" are amazing.


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