Monday, February 16, 2015

* There is Something Rotten in the State of Yale

Yale Appeasement Leads  Inexorably to Blood  at Charlie Hebdo
and a
Danish Cafe

No cartoons in this book, thanks to Yale Press cowardice.


"The book’s author, Jytte Klausen, a professor of politics at Brandeis University, has revisited the episode and condemned the Yale press’s decision in a Yale Daily News interview. In a January 7 Time magazine op-ed Klausen argued that the Yale press had censored her book in response to 'imagined' danger.

"There were no known threats against the press or against myself at the time, and there never have been any," her Time article argued.

Jonathan Brent, who was Yale University Press’s editorial director and the book’s commissioning editor, opposed redacting the cartoons at the time. He said on Wednesday, "The lesson it taught by caving in cannot be undone or papered over by all the volumes" in Yale’s main library.

"If the major educational institutions of the Western world cannot summon the courage to defend freedom of speech, who will?" asked Brent, who is now executive director of the Yivo Institute for Jewish Research in New York. He said he suspected the Yale press had acted to protect its corporate interests rather than in response to any real danger."

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