Monday, January 12, 2015

* Heroin Hope: Mandatory Minimal Sentencing

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Two drug and alcohol programs show signs of promise in the alarming world of opiate addiction.

 The first in South Dakota  and several other nearby states is called 24/7 created by Attorney General Long. The second  in Hawaii  is called HOPE run by Judge Alm (see video).
Both have immediate pre- trial probation and both have minimum sentencing ladders and immediate short term (3 day)  jail time for infractions, increasing  for subsequent offenses.
Random daily urine tests  24/7 are a  everpresent component. Three strikes and pre-trial  probation is over  ---- then you actually go to trial.
The principle is called  " mandatory minimal sentencing" and it operates on the premise every parent and teacher knows works best: Immediate consistent fair punishment.
Sounds unrealistic?
The success rate in Hawaii is 78 % without any infraction. Those 22% who fail drug tests and serve three days in jail (increased for violation 2 and 3)  go to drug court  (after  3rd violation) in states which are lucky enough to have drug courts ----- therwise to regular court for trial.

In other words, the mandatory minimal sentencing is an incentive to avoid trial and longer jail time.
Millions of dollars are saved by shorter jail times and unconvened court hearings. All participants must serve 5 years of pre-trial probation.
More information can be found by googling Heritage Foundation.

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