Saturday, May 31, 2014

* The Executive Function of the Brain

Middle East |​NYT Now
Suicide Bomber Is Identified as a Florida Man

News of the suicide attack surfaced on Tuesday in Twitter messages from the Nusra Front, an Islamist extremist group in Syria aligned with Al Qaeda. And on Facebook, there was praise for Mr. Abusalha and what he had done.
“When his turn came up” to carry out a suicide bombing, he “was very happy, because he will meet his God after that,” Abu Abdulrahman, the fighter, said via Facebook.


The brain continues to mature and develop connections well into adulthood. A person’s executive function abilities are shaped by both physical changes in the brain and by life experiences, in the classroom and in the world at large. Early attention to developing efficient skills in this area can be very helpful. As a rule, it helps to give direct instruction, frequent reassurance and explicit feedback

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