Thursday, January 2, 2014

*The Second Coming

Speaking of the Second Coming 
(see previous post):

All my life I have been hostage of Kleenex's copyright (patent?)  on pop-up tissues . No other company was allowed the produce a box of Kleenex where the next tissue popped up as you pulled the previous one out of the box, and I have religiously purchased the Kleenex rather than inconvenience myself with this triviality of having to finger-fish for each individual tissue.

The copyright or patnet must have expired because I recently discovered Shurefine tissues at my store, and they have the very same or equivalent prized  pop-up feature.

I bought the box and guess what: They cost $1.00 less than a comparable box of Kleenex , and last twice as long !

Hallelujah !


I am waiting for McDonalds'  rights on their famed french-fry recipe to expire.  

Then Heaven will truly have come to earth!

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