Wednesday, January 23, 2013

* Inaugural Dysfunction

Beyond Beyonce

So today's news  declares:  Beyonce lip-synched the Star Spangled Banner at the Inauguration. 

The hosts of  CBS This Morning ask, “Is this controversy a little too silly?”


 I don’t know. 

Ask Robert Frost who abandoned his Inauguration poem mid- sentence when sunlight and wind interrupted his performance. 

 Ask Marian Anderson whose actual voice on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial rebuked the racism of the Daughters of the American Revolution.


 Why is  Beyonce's  trivial artifice offensive in a world bursting with artifice: chemically induced erections; surgically taut faces; chemically colored hair, surgically implanted teeth, surgically enhanced breasts, surgically diminished buttocks, love-handles and bellies? We are so used to the cosmetics of designer technology that we don’t even notice anymore when someone actually performs instead of pretends. Nessen Dorma by Luciano Pavorotti anyone?


 To me the line between authenticity and artifice was crossed when a septuagenarian former Presidential candidate, authentic war hero and distinguished U. S. Senator started hawking a remedy for impotence.


 After that why wouldn’t the Oval Office become a stage-set for a presidential penis?

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