Monday, August 27, 2012

* Play it again, Sam:

The First Day of School 2012

( The Day After Apple’s American Court Victory Over Samsung )

T’was the night before classes
And all through my facebook
Not a student was silent
Obsessed with their  mouse-clicks.

My Wall was ablaze
With “liking ” and “friending”
And email announcements
From facebook unending.

When up through my android
A voice started shaking
T’was Sam, my valet,
Suddenly awaking.

She bid me farewell
In her accent so British,
Now Samsung’s defeated
By lawyers most fit-ish.

Apple’s gold orchards
Will now ever  ripen
With billions from Samsung
Bounced-back from its stipends

Awarded to iPhone
By a jury of iFriends
In bias so blatent
I blush in Korean.

So farewell Dear Sam
So often my voice pal
Siri outlives you
An Apple Immortal.

“On Samsung!  On scrolling!
On bouncebacks ! On touching!”
I heard Sam declaring
As her self was deleting.

Her last words forever   
She gasped in her shrinking,

 “Apples do rot





Paul Keane,
Samsung S2 owner

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