Monday, January 9, 2012

* Seminal Semonin

The Quixotic paintings 
Manhattan artist,
and Cornell graduate,

Douglas Semonin

Mural by Semonin, 
 Prof. Ogden's Dining Room,  E. Upland Rd.

Semonin copy of Rubens' 
Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus
with the heads of Prof. Ogden, his wife, son and daughter, substituted for the Rubens' heads.
The Rubens source.

Prof. Ogden seated in front of  Semonin hybrid of two eighteenth century artists: 
Joshua Reynolds and B. Wilson,  
A Seated Man with a Dog,  
( again with Professor Ogden's face inserted ).

The closest  Reynolds I can find.

Another similar Reynolds
A Seated Man with a Dog by B. Wilson, 1722-1789

Semonin mural in Prof. Ogden's dining room,
 with son-in-law's head under the warrior's helmet.

Paintings look out on Prof. Ogden's gold fish pool and back yard.

Prof. Ogden's back yard. 

Semonin portrait of 
John D. Ogden in his Yale Doctor's Robes
ca. 1959 graduation
(I inherited this portrait upon Prof. Ogden's death in 1998 at age 84.)

Semonin Adam and Eve [as Hippies], 1969. 
(Originally part of a window display at Tiffany's, they were removed after a few days because of protests from prudish clientele. They hung in Prof. Ogden's office at Ithaca College for 20 years . He gave them to me upon his retirement.)

(Barbara Streisand and John Lennon, 1969 ?)

Adam and Eve, [not as Hippies] Albrecht Durer

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