Tuesday, September 7, 2010

* craigskisst

Those kissed by the poison lips of craigslist's "adult services" section include a recent suicide, known as the "craigslist killer," a medical student in Boston who looks so preppy that one almost sympathizes with him, as did  his fiancee in disbelief after he was initially charged with murdering one woman and kidnapping another, both of whom he had met by trolling craigslist.

The self-censoring by craigslist [sic] of its advertisements for sexual services two days ago comes after 18 state's attorney's general wrote craigslist owners protesting that prostitution was not a "victimless crime" and asking craigslist to remove the section entirely which solicits customers for such services.

Instead craigslist slapped a "censored" sticker over the section to protest the infringement on its freedom of expression, while complying with the request.

Persoanlly, I find the craigslist killer incident unnerving.  I like my killers to look like madmen (or madwomen), Charles Manson say, but not Apple Pie and Motherhood in an intern's coat with a gleaming Steinway smile.

Good-looking or mad-looking, he was seduced by technology and betrayed by technology. (The video camera's stationed in the hotels where he attacked his victims dutifully recorded, dated,and timed his presence at the murder and kidnapping scenes.)

The lesson to be taken? 

Technology is a digital  briar-patch. 

(the once beloved and now debunked as racist) Br'er Rabbit?

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