Sunday, August 15, 2010

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Felix Mendelssohn and The Cloud


A revival of interest in Bach's music occurred in the mid-19th century. The German composer Felix Mendelssohn arranged a performance of the Passion of St. Matthew in 1829, which did much to awaken popular interest in Bach. The Bach Gesellschaft, formed in 1850, devoted itself assiduously to finding, editing, and publishing Bach's works.

Denton Bach Society

Send in the Clouds

For eighty years after his death, Bach's works were ignored and fell into disarray. Some perhaps have been lost.

It was due to the 1829 staging by Felix Mendelssohn of Bach's St. Mathhew's Passion that Bach was saved from the anonymous dissolving influences of history.

Could such a dismal fate befall any musician or writer or artist today?

Ask The Cloud.

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