Wednesday, October 28, 2009

* The flesh was made Word: Harvard's Richard R. Niebuhr Professor

Richard Reinhold Niebuhr,
Harvard Divinity School

Reinhold Niebuhr,
Union Theological Seminary

H. Richard Niebuhr,
Yale Divinity School

What the Richard R. Niebuhr Professor from Harvard Divinity School, Mr. Mark Jordan, is tacitly acknowledging in his lecture at Yale Divinity School outlining his search for a new label from the Bible to describe same gender sexuality, is that we have become the fractured faces of Picasso's paintings.

We but "slenderly" know our selves.

In fact we have no selves. We are in search of our lost selves, to recoin Proust.

September entry on "Transgender dorms at Yale...")

Nobody refers to parents as "my heterosexual parents" or the man and woman who created me "heterosexually". Why should anybody say "She's queer" or "He's gay" Or "They're the people who perform lesbian acts in bed?"

Just as it is antiquated for a male to achieve manhood through the ritual of deflowering a woman (Carve another knotch in yer holster pardner.), so too is it antiquated to attribute personhood to another on the basis of the twitches and impulses of one square foot of their body, from navel to knee, and whether or not they transform those impulses into sexual acts.

Is not such a personhood in fact exactly what the Niebuhr lecturer seeks to squeeze from biblical texts?

Has anyone ever considered how foolish all this sexuality nonsense is?

People are people. They make different choices. Sometimes they make declarations about those choices and discover decades later that those declarations weren't true to their ongoing interior monologues.

This goes for people who do different and contrary things with that highly provocative one-square-foot of their bodies.

"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was made flesh" is being transformed by Mercantilia into "In the beginning was the flesh and the flesh was made Word" (or "Label").

My, what fools these mortals be.

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