Monday, May 6, 2013

* An Offer to the Tsarnaev Family

Barbara Ward Keane 1911 - 1985

I offer the plot next to my mother (above photo) in the Mt. Carmel Burying Ground in Mt. Carmel, Connecticut to the Tsarnaev family, gratis.

I am willing to donate a burial plot next to my mother in Mt. Carmel Burying Ground to the Tsarnaev family if they cannot obtain a plot. The only condition is that I do it in memory of my mother who taught Sunday School at the Mt. Carmel Congregational Church for twenty years and taught me to"love thine enemy."

I own the plot.  No one can refuse me access.

Paul D. Keane
Master of Divinity '80
M.A., M.Ed.

(and this time I intentionally invoke my Yale Divinity School degree)

The Mount Carmel Congregational Church (Founded 1757) . My mother taught Sunday School and led the Junior Choir at this church for decades. I taught Sunday School there when I was sixteen.

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